Invitation to Sponsor International Safety Media Awards

You are cordially invited to serve on the Sponsoring Committee for the International Safety Media Awards, or ISMAs. The purpose of ISMAs is to honor the creators of strong media safety messages. The Awards will provide an international forum in which to publicize effective social marketing efforts to promote safer communities, and will also provide you and your organization with an invaluable opportunity to demonstrate your support for these efforts. ISMAs awards will be given in several categories, including:

  • Print media
  • Audio media
  • Video media

Each category will award prizes to youth-created material, along with material created by adults and organizations.  The award event itself will be covered by the International press, and will be a featured component of the overall conference.

Sponsorship contributions are solicited at the level of US$250 (Silver) and US$500 (Gold.) Sponsors at the Silver and Gold levels who are present during the awards ceremony are cordially invited to help present awards, and to sit with the Organizing Committee during this event.

We invite your organization to thoughtfully consider participation in the ISMAs awards. Our organizers have obtained the bulk of funding for this project through the State of Alaska, but we also would like to provide you with an opportunity to contribute to this very worthwhile event. Your sponsorship will be noted with a prominent logo on the contest submission website and on all media and marketing materials, and during our workshop and awards ceremonies. Sponsors with employees who will be present at the 10th World Injury Prevention Conference will also be invited to attend the preconference workshop, free of charge. To help support your decision to support us, we are enclosing additional material that describes the ISMAs in greater detail.

For more information or to make your sponsorship contribution, please contact Marcia Howell at or call her at +01-907-929-3939.