Print Category

Ideas include (but are not limited to) a magazine or newspaper advertisement, a poster, a brochure, photography, CD cover, a painting, etc. Print entries can be submitted as a PDF document online, attached to the entry form. If an online submission is not possible, a hard copy of the entry or an electronic version in a .pdf or .jpg format on a CD may be mailed to the Alaska Injury Prevention Center. Please understand that these may not be returned. Affix a copy of the entry form to the back of the entry.

Video Category

Ideas include (but are not limited to) TV commercials, music videos, etc. Short videos are 3 – 30 minutes and Ultra-short videos are less than 3 minutes It is best if videos are submitted online via a link to YouTube. For more information on how to submit a video via YouTube click here. If your video is too large or long to upload to YouTube, please mail it on a DVD or flash drive, along with a copy of your entry form .

Audio Category

Ideas include (but are not limited to) Public Service Announcements (PSA), songs, radio advertisements, sound tracks, etc. Audio entries may should be submitted online attached to the entry form. If necessary, audio submissions may be mailed to the Alaska Injury Prevention Center on a CD in either Quicktime or MP3 format. See the entry form for mailing instructions.

Web/Online Category

Includes but is not limited to: website, Social Media platforms (eg, Facebook, Twitter, SMS text, etc.), web banners, online video games, blogs, etc. To enter this category, please provide the title, and a link to the media entry on the entry form.

Campaign Category

Includes all of the multiple media elements that are designed to support a comprehensive safety campaign. Entries can be submitted in both the individual categories above (audio, web/online, video and print) and they can be grouped together as one campaign entry. However, if a Campaign entry places 1st, 2nd or 3rd in the Campaign Category, the corresponding individual entries will not be eligible to win in the individual categories. To enter the campaign category, please provide the name for your campaign as well as a list of all of the individual media components featured in the campaign. For example, if you have a “No Texting and Driving” campaign that includes a Facebook page, a website, poster and a TV PSA, you may provide links to the Facebook page and website, a YouTube link to the TV PSA, and include a pdf of the poster as an attachment with the entry form.

Click here for the entry form.