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Keep children safe, always lock up your matches and lighters.
Fire Stoppers

AIPC works with children who misuse fire. Our goal is to identify children engaged in dangerous fire setting, provide education for the child & family, and to refer them to other agencies for assistance as appropriate.

Children playing with fire is the second leading cause for injuries in the home. During the five year period from 1994 through 1998, children playing with fire in the home caused an average of:

  • 8,200 Structure fires
  • 289 Civilian Fire Deaths
  • 2,056 Civilian Fire Injures
  • $239.6 million in Direct Property Damage

    NFPA The U.S. Fire Problem Overview Report Leading Causes and Other Patterns and Trends June 2001

Please contact Fire Stoppers for further help: 907-346-2888, brochure


Fire Stoppers Brochure, Fire Stoppers

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Do you know where the matches and lighters are in your home? firestoppers