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AIPC is a nonprofit corporation governed by a board of directors.


To Prevent Injuries in Alaska

We pursue this mission using the public health model of injury prevention. We believe that in order to effectively reduce injuries and fatalities in any arena, it is necessary to consider the data that defines the problem. This means analyzing the epidemiology of a type of injury or cause of death, considering potential interventions relevant to both the mechanical causes as well as the human elements. Then, it is possible to implement interventions that address the specific elements of causation and to design interventions relevant to the appropriate population.

AIPC's efforts have been generously funded by a variety of sources including:

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration,
Centers for Disease Control
Alaska Highway Safety Office
Alaska Department of Labor
Alaska Division of Health and Social Services
Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority
Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium
Municipality of Anchorage
State Farm
Fred Meyer
Conoco Phillips,
Denali Safety Council,
Mothers Against Drunk Drivers,
United Way
and many others


Marcia Howell JD, is the Executive Director for the Alaska Injury Prevention Center beginning October 1, 2008. The Board of Directors supervises the ED. She has 9+ years of experience with Injury Prevention work at the Alaska Injury Prevention Center. She has been involved in multiple community collaborative efforts including 4 town hall meetings focusing on the negative impacts of alcohol, Coordinator for the International Safe Communities Conference, presenter on media literacy and teen-based media campaigns around the world and US. Prior to working at AIPC she was an attorney for 9 years in Alaska, specializing in disability and domestic violence issues.
Marcia will take the lead on:

  • Chairing the International Safety Media Awards
  • Conducting Focus Groups
  • Reviewing methodology for evaluation efforts
  • Analyzing evaluation data,
  • The Reality Media Awards,
  • Teacher Training for Underage Drinking Prevention
  • Design and implementation of headlight use evaluation
  • Pursuing International Safe Community Redesignation

Beth Schuerman, Projects Director, has worked at AIPC for seven years. She is directly supervised by the Executive Director.  Beth has a bachelor’s degree in business administration, is a Certified Child Passenger Safety Instructor and Senior Checker. She has experience coordinating successful youth events including bike rodeos, skateboarding competitions, and other alcohol-free events for teens. She has attended five LifeSavers Conferences and two International Conference on Safe Communities, where she was a presenter on AIPC’s teen projects. Beth also completed Injury Prevention trainings provided by Johns Hopkins University and the Indian Health Services. 
Beth will take the lead on:

  • The ThinkFast project coordination,
  • Creating and distributing a bike safety best practices packet,
  • Rural CPS outreach,
  • High School Buckle Up,
  • In-house car seat checks and distribution of seats,
  • Partnering on the Walk to School Day,
  • Reflector Distribution,
  • And assist with the International Safety Media Awards.
  • CPS activity grant reporting

Mandi Seethaler is AIPC’s bookkeeper and administrative assistant. She will complete fiscal grant reporting requirements. She will also actively participate in CPS activities including car seat checks, tracking statewide CPS participation, , assist with classroom presentations, as well as general administrative assistance.
Mandi will take the lead on:

  • Financial reporting
  • Record keeping
  • Correspondence with partners
  • Calendaring Events

Peggy Hayashi is an RN and has worked with AIPC for 9 years, promoting child passenger safety. She has been instrumental in expanding CPS in Alaska from just 2 instructors to where we are today.
Peggy will take the lead on:

  • Leading the Statewide CPS coalition,
  • Planning and organizing the annual CPS conference
  • Working on bike and pedestrian safety issues including the Bear Paw Festival,
  • Coordinating Booster Seat observational surveys.

Niki Pereira is AIPC's Fire Prevention Specialist: Niki runs the Fire Stoppers program. Fire Stoppers responds to youth up to the age of eighteen when they misuse fire in a dangerous way or set a fire that causes damage, injury or death. It has become an integrated youth diversion program for many agencies in Anchorage (and even some state agencies). Referrals to Fire Stoppers come from the Anchorage Fire Department, closely followed by the Anchorage School District and parent self-referrals. The remaining referrals come from APD, McLaughlin Youth Center, Anchorage Youth Court, Office of Children’s Services, and mental health professionals, including Charter North Star Hospital.

Board Members:

Board Member
Anita Shell Crime Prevention, Anchorage Police Department
Kyla Hagan Injury Prevention Specialist: AK Native Tribal Health
Brian Saylor, Board President Retired director, Institute for Circumpolar Health
Corlis Taylor Manager, Hospital Education and Media, Fairbanks Memorial Hospital
Herb Everett Director Safety, Westmark Hotels
Gordon Glaser Health Program Manager, Division of Public Health
Phillip Somervell National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health
Mary Thompson Trauma Coordinator, Providence Alaska Medical Center
Soren Orly, Treasurer UAA
Ronni Sullivan, Vice President Retired Director of Southern Region EMS
Steve Wiener Manager, Hospital and Communication Environment Services, Alaska Native Medical Center
Susan Soule, Secretary Consultant